Steps to Void and Un-void Checks in QuickBooks

Steps to Void and Un-void Checks in QuickBooks

Although there are various different accounting software options available in the large market, one of the robust and most popular is QuickBooks. It can handle the requirements for almost any small business and large business alike. One of the features which are available in QuickBooks Support software is often used is for writing multiple checks. Unfortunately, there are several times when these checks need to be voided and, even after a check is voided, it may require to be un-voided. Here is how to do both in a seamless way within the program.

Voiding a Check-in QuickBooks:-

Voiding a check deletes the amount of the check from the register of QuickBooks. Another option that you have available to you is to completely delete your check, but this may not always be a solution that is considered. A voided check will register as the void in the field of the memo. If you want to void a completely blank check, you will create a new check with an amount of $0. Enter a name in the field of the payee and assign an account in the expense section. After this has been fully completed, you should void the check on the edit menu. If you want to void a check in QuickBooks which has been written already, even if it has been printed, you will first need to select the check in the software program. This can be done by using the menu of banking and finding the accounts, after which you will select the particular check. When the check has been selected, you can void in using the menu of editing. After it has been voided, click on record.

Un-voiding a Check-in QuickBooks:-

If you have a voided transaction, which you would like to un-void, it is absolutely possible to do so by re-entering it in the voided and deleted reports of the transaction. This can be found under the Report… Account & Taxes… Voided/Deleted Transaction menu, which is in detail. When a transaction is voided in the checkbook, the amount of the transaction is set at $0, but the transaction itself has not been completely deleted. On the Voided and Deleted Report of Transactions, the voided transaction, as well as the original transaction, will be displayed. In order to un-void the transaction, first, you should select it, re-enter the amount of the transaction and then finally save it.

Nowadays, it is a lot easier for small businesses to track their finances because QuickBooks software helps keep the EROs completely organized while tracking expenses and sales, saving time and maintaining the records for the tax time. Since new business owners in this line might not have the expenses to hire an accountant to track their finances, many start-ups and small business owners can turn accounting software including QuickBooks at an affordable cost.

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Void Payroll Check in QuickBooks:-

1. Firstly, click on the payroll center icon and click on the employee’s section and then click on the down arrow next to related activities of payroll and click void paychecks.

2. Enter a date range in the show paychecks through and from fields and press the tab button to view the checks.

3. Select the paycheck and then click on the void button and then follow all the prompts to confirm the process.

4. Finally, click on done.

Reissue Checks in QuickBooks:-

1. Firstly, open the original check in QuickBooks software and create a copy with the original number and then void it respectively.

2. Reprint the original but assign a brand new check number to the check.

3. You may require to account for the check if it has completely gone missing by creating a dummy check and then voiding it to balance the register of the check.

4. If the lost check is in the main quarter or if expiry date of the check has been reached then modify lost check with next the available check number, after that, click on save and then close.

5. After that, go to write checks screen and create a brand new check, enter the amount and then the new number, which you have chosen, click on save and then close.

6. Finally, print the check.

If you face any issue regarding QuickBooks then you can contact void a check in QuickBooks support or you can dial void a check in QuickBooks helpnumber. QuickBooks customer support team is always present for your help.

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