Different Modes And Working Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Different Modes And Working Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

What Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting also is known as Hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks Cloud refers to the installation of QuickBooks Software Desktop version on the network server hosted over the web to enable access through a web browser from any particular location. Simply put, files and data in a Hosted QuickBooks can be accessed by the verified user from anywhere, anytime without installing it on a local device or machine.

QuickBooks cloud hosting gives the user the best of both the worlds, the accessibility of the online version as well as the robustness of the desktop version.

Working Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:-

Here is how QuickBooks Software on cloud works:

1. Licensed copies of QuickBooks Software are installed on the server of the internet service provider.

2. The QuickBooks user is provided the access to the server over the web with certain configurations as given below:

– Proper and complete security steps are deployed to secure the application.

– Network Connectivity between the end-user device and the server is accomplished using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which can be configured to log in as the desired user.

– The server is customized to be accessed from any particular device such as the smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc. working on multiple different Operating Systems or platforms such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.

3. The user can easily access and work on QuickBooks Software through a web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. or RDP shortcut. Rest of the User Interface, features, and other functionalities remain the same as QuickBooks Desktop.

4. All the changes that have been made on hosted QuickBooks save automatically and will appear to all of the users that are authorized.

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QuickBooks Hosting Is Better Than Traditional QuickBooks Desktop As Follows:-

QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software is one of the most advanced and used accounting applications. Still, there are some limitations that exist with the QuickBooks software that can restrict the CPAs and accountants from achieving the maximum potential. Some of the limitations of QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software are:

1. Limited user access

2. No Remote Access

3. All data remains only on the local device

4. Resource limitations of the local device

5. No real-time team collaboration

6. Sharing & exchanging files is inconvenient

7. Lack of automation in updates

8. Lack of automation with data entry

Most of the limitations that are mentioned above can be mitigated using the technology of the cloud. Since the QuickBooks Hosting works on cloud technology, it gets all the features and benefits that cloud offers, including:

1. Multiple user access

2. Real-time change tracking

3. Easy file sharing with an unlimited number of users

4. Flexibility with resources

5. Reduced local IT expenses

6. Better add-on integration

7. Backed up against accidental loss of data

Various Modes of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:-

Hosting of QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software application can be implemented in the following 3 modes:

1. Dedicated Hosting: Multiple Different users are connected directly to the server on which QuickBooks is being installed.

2. Peer-to-Peer Hosting: This mode of hosting is usually adopted for on-premise hosting. Here one user hosts the QuickBooks Desktop application and data to provide access to various other users on the network.

3. Alternate Hosting: One user, let us say, the main user, is connected to the hosting server over the web. Rest of the users connect to the main user to access the QuickBooks Desktop application on the local network connection.

Read about these QuickBooks cloud hosting modes in detail on the official website.

Different Versions Supported for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:-

Most of the leading web hosting providers are able to host all versions of QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software including QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise, Premier, and Accountant. Different country-specific editions released from QuickBooks 2005 through QuickBooks 2017 are fully compatible with server setups of various different web hosting providers.

If you have any query regarding the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting or if you need help in any of the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service then you can contact QuickBooks Cloud Hosting support or can also dial QuickBooks Cloud Hosting help number available on our website.

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