How To Use QuickBooks Chat Messenger?

QuickBooks introduced the latest new important feature, which is called as QuickBooks chat Messenger. This feature is usually used for the multi-user environment. Also, it makes communication quite easier between multi-users. You can start the conversation by enabling the chatting function in QuickBooks. Now the question is where would you get this chat option? You can find this option quite easily. When you open the QuickBooks software program, you see a gray image with a small button present on it. If you click on it, then the option of QuickBooks chat messenger will get open. For further query, you can contact the Quickbooks customer support.

How To Change The Online Status in QuickBooks Chat Messenger?

If you want to change your status which is online. So, QuickBooks support must give you this particular option by which you can change the availability of your status. To change your online status on QuickBooks chat messenger, you have to click on the drop-down menu list where your name is displayed and then select the suitable status whether online or offline that you want to show to the other present users. QuickBooks support is always there to help you out in any possible way.