QuickBooks has created a number of options to accept payments which can be confusing and overwhelming. There is a way to make more efficient this process and make it more users friendly. Any service facilitated by the involvement of a financial institute or by a credit line is called a merchant service. Basically, they enable businesses to accept payments via mobile online credit cards or devices. Anyone can get paid for their product or service instantaneously via credit cards while offering services, running a store online, or selling products at remote locations, etc. QuickBooks merchant services are Intuit’s way of fulfilling merchant service solutions using QuickBooks as the software to facilitate the payments and also keep a track of it. This is a much effective and simpler way of accepting payments from clients as QuickBooks merchant services are monitored and kept on record.

For all kinds of credit card processing activities, QuickBooks Merchant Services is the Intuit term that is used to describe and denote them, including those done via online terminals. The solutions provided by the QuickBooks accounting software differ to make the card payments. It’s being done using a mobile device, then offering from QuickBooks is different, and so is the one done directly using a card machine or from an online web browser. In this case, the merchant has a choice from two payment models. With QuickBooks Merchant Services, they can either pay a big transaction percentage or have to pay a monthly fee and a significantly lower transaction percentage.

QuickBooks Point of Sales

First, what are all the methods of taking payments?

QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services

  • Email invoices right from QuickBooks from their mobile device with a Pay Now link, letting customers pay you online.
  • Accept paymentsAccept all major credit cards and ACH bank transfers include MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
  • Books are auto-updated QuickBooks updates your books automatically as your invoice is paid.

Go Payments App

Records all credit card transactions on mobile device and also record any check payments or cash. Intuit Point of Sale and all transactions sync up with QuickBooks help you to fully manage your business.

EMV Chip Reader MOBILE (used in combination with Go Payments App) – EMV is a new US credit card payment standard to make credit transactions more secure.  “EMV” stands for Euro pay, MasterCard, and Visa.

To begin you must first have your QuickBooks Payment Merchant Account:

  • It will need to be merged inside QuickBooks Online if you already have an account setup directly inside QuickBooks Online.

To access the QuickBooks Payment Merchant Account, Open to the Gear icon > Account and Settings > Payments > Connect Existing Account or Create New Account.

Linking these two products allows you to accept payments inside your QBO by emailing invoices with QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services links in which your clients can pay directly through the invoice. Another way to process payments with the QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services is to use the credit card information directly through the sales receipt or receive payment screen inside of QBO.

When converting QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services accounts it is necessary to contact Intuit for assistance.

  • Accepting Payments Using QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services inside QuickBooks
  • Enter Credit Card
  • Manually enter the credit card information, or
  • Swipe the card, if you have a credit card reader attached.
  • Save the customer’s credit card information, and then Click OK

Need help for QuickBooks Payment Merchant Services, You can contact us!  We can help you to set up everything you need to accept payments online!