It’s no secret that Intuit is encouraging their users to modify from QuickBooks desktop to online. QuickBooks Online is obtainable remotely, to do regular software updates, you can simplify your processes using third-party apps, and it’s infinitely easier to handle multiple clients if you’re a bookkeeper or an accountant. But the biggest hurdle that prevents individuals from switching to QuickBooks Online Backup is lacking a copy of these accounts in their own hands. For individuals who live in the cloud and have not used the desktop version provides two features which don’t exist in the online version: ‘undo ‘and ‘create a local backup’.

Desktop users are accustomed to manage a backup at the end of the week or a day. It provides reassurance that you can restore your company file to a previous version if something goes wrong.

Wait- I believed that QuickBooks Online was backed up because it’s in the cloud. Are you telling me that it’s not?

QuickBooks Online is backed up, but there exists a caveat. Cloud services like QuickBooks spend a lot of money and time in ensuring that the millions of accounts on their platform are securely backed up. This is called a disaster recovery backup and it’s only used to recover the entire platform after a disaster, like a meteorite landing on their servers. But when you accidentally delete something in your own account, you don’t have access to Intuit’s backup to recover the item. Even Intuit’s assistance team can’t assist you because it’s too costly to access a backup of 2.2 million accounts to recover a small piece of data.


How QuickBooks Online Backup can be managed?

Luckily, there isn’t to choose the ability of QuickBooks Online Backup and the satisfaction of experiencing a backup. Utilizing the Rewind app, you can automate a continuous backup of one’s QuickBooks Online account in only 5 minutes and do not have to consider it again. That’s, and soon you need to displace the business file to the minute before everything went haywire. Luckily, there isn’t to select involving the capability of QuickBooks Online and the satisfaction of experiencing a backup. Utilizing the Rewind app, you can automate a QuickBooks Online Backup account in only 5 minutes.

QuickBooks Online Backup in 3 steps:

  • Install the Rewind from the QuickBooks app store and sign up.
  • Link your QuickBooks Online account. If you’re a bookkeeper or an accountant, you can connect many client accounts to the single Rewind account.
  • Your backup will automatically begin and be achieved in a minute.
  • From now, Rewind will backup new changes designed to the account in real time.

How to use QuickBooks Online Backup?

The QuickBooks online backup service provided by QuickBooks allows you to backup all your necessary files to a secure and safe location. This backup is simple to use and is achieved through the use of the internet. It also enables you to update and retrieve the files without fuss.

How to Install QuickBooks Online Backup?

You might be thinking why you need to backup your crucial files if the QuickBooks is already backed up in the cloud. Backing up your files gives you personal access to them whenever you need them. When you lose part of your file, QuickBooks can’t help you retrieve it as it will cost a lot. However, if you back it up yourself, all you need to do is recover it in times of need. You may be thinking why you need to backup your crucial files if the QuickBooks is backed up in the cloud. Copying your files provides you the personal access for those who need them. Whenever you lose part of one’s file, QuickBooks can’t assist you to retrieve it because it will surely cost a lot. However, in case if you back it up yourself, all that’s necessary to recover it.

Simple steps required to install your QuickBooks online backup are given below:

  • Download the QuickBooks Online backup software
  • Once downloaded right-click on it and then select Run as Administrator from the options.
  • Follow all the installations procedures by the QuickBooks online backup wizard.
  • Once you have successfully installed it, close it.
  • An Account ID and password will be sent to the Email you used to sign up to the QuickBooks online backup. Enter the details and Choose OK.

If you are trying to integrate a copy together with your QuickBooks Online Backup account, you can find a number of applications for sale in the QuickBooks app store and if facing any difficulty while managing or installing Backup. Feel free to contact QuickBooks assistance team at any time.